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The Client for InterSystems ObjectScript Package Manager. ZPM allows to install ObjectScirpt packages with dependencies from pm.community.intersystems.com

ObjectScript Package Manager Client - ZPM


Helps to install ObjectScript, CSP and Frontend packages into InterSystems IRIS published on ZPM Registry

Installing ObjectScript Package Manager Client:

  1. Download the latest version of zpm from the registry
  2. Import the zpm.xml into IRIS and compile via any desired way (Managemenet Portal, Studio or Terminal)

After that you can use PackageManager to install modules from community repository in any namespace.

  1. Check if you call a zpm in command line and get the following: USER>zpm zpm: USER>

How to Install a ZPM Module:

  1. Call this command to open zpm shell:

USER> zpm

  1. See the list of available modules:

zpm: USER>repo -list-modules -n registry

deepseebuttons 0.1.7 dsw 2.1.35 holefoods 0.1.0 isc-dev 1.2.0 mdx2json 2.2.0 objectscript 1.0.0 pivotsubscriptions 0.0.3 restforms 1.6.1 thirdpartychartportlets 0.0.1 webterminal 4.8.3 zpm 0.0.7

  1. You can load any module that resides in any of the defined repos into IRIS. E.g. here is the way to install webterminal:

zpm: USER> install webterminal

To uninstall a module:

USER> zpm

zpm: USER> uninstall webterminal

Support and Collaboration

ObjectScript Package Manager is a community supported project and thus open to collaboration via Pull Requests. Issues and feature requests are very welcome