Adding tools in Studio Caché Intersystems Adding tools in Studio Caché Intersystems
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New tools added in plugin

Adding tools in Studio

Added Tools of Studio Caché - Intersystems

Adding tools in studio Caché Intersystems

New Feature v1.3

  • Added signaling of class that exists test in project tree.
  • Does not signaling in namespace tree.

New Feature v1.2

  • To configure the plugin use the terminal command:
    YOURNAMESPACE> do ##class(%SourceControl.Instalation.Manager).menu()

New Feature v1.1

  • Create a class test from the options menu.
  • Open test class by the class of the

Fork of and adding tools for automatize proccess of developing

  • Import and compile all sources imported
  • Compile and run test automatized

Added menu tools in Studio

  • Testar - Default menu in language "Portuguese-Brasil", case your language be english, it's this mapped and installing in initializing studio plugin.

Added item:

  • Test after compile.
  • Test suite test complete.
  • Test last tested.
  • Clear results of unit tests results.
  • Clear data of plugin. (populate - This plugin soon it will be available in GitHub, it's not default class %Populate)
  • Enable and Disabled auto test after compile.


In environment shared is necessary configure the mapping globas of data configuration(ECP).

  • ^Git.Compile - Data of sources for compile after import

It's not necessary configuration if not is shared environment

Import class and compile the class imported, after configure your version control with class(%SourceControl.Git). Reload your studio, then it will installed language according your language defined in Caché DataBase.

In the namespace enable in source control of the class: "%SourceControl.Git", after all options exist in studio. (Is necessary reboot in studio)

The tests must be inside the "test" package for automation testing.

Testing in:

  • 2013.1.1
  • 2016.1.3.306.0.
  • 2017.1.0 Build 720


  • Enable written in database "CacheLIB" by Portal Caché DataBases
  • Import project in namespace %SYS
  • In version control enable: %SourceControl.Git

Important, if you do not compile due to error 'SlackConfiguration does not exist' It is necessary to configure integration with Slack, rename the '% SourceControl.Autotamtion.Integration.SlackConfigurationSample' class to '% SourceControl.Autotamtion.Integration.SlackConfiguration' and recompile the '% SourceControl'

If you did not want the integration to be enabled, just rename the file and do not do any service configuration.

The version control configuration should follow the repository: