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Version 1.0.3

Added european major leagues:

Premier League (England)
Primeira (Portugal)
Serie A (Italy)
Ligue 1 (France)
Bundesliga (Germany)

Improved predictions and user interface

18 Oct, 2023 Evgeny Shvarov
Version 1.2.2

one liner to add z-commands for one-lines
by Sergei Mikhailenko

17 Oct, 2023 Lorenzo Scalese
Version 0.6.0

First version with web front-end Angular

  • Some change in REST api
  • Auth REST API using JWT

Interface to:

  • index a journal file
  • upload and index a journal file
  • list indexed journal
  • show stats about indexed journal
16 Oct, 2023 RRob Ellis
IRIS WHIZ - HL7v2 Browser Extension
Version 1.8.0

Feature Updated: Export Instances & Settings

Stored instances export now includes all current settings. You can still import your old instances object, it will be immediately updated to the new version on import. Save this somewhere safe! This was probably more work than it was worth.

Behaviour Change: Bookmark folder is not automatically created. Now gets created when editing the settings according to the name chosen in the new Bookmark Folder Name setting. Yes, it is very fancy now.

Bugfix: Rule editor in Iris does not have coloured header. This now highlights. Excellent.

Feature Added: ChatGPT Powered Test Message Generator.

When sending a test message on a production page you can now use ChatGPT to generate you a HL7 message. The prompt will appear as long as you have input an API Key to the ChatGPT API key setting of the Options page.
You need to select a schema and a doc type and it will automatically generate you a prompt. Edit the prompt as you please and then click the Generate to call ChatGPT.

Feature Added: On Schema search you can now press enter to highlight matching copy.

Highlighting the text on keypress proved too slow when several messages were open and highlighting on enter seemed an acceptable compromise. Enter remains the exit key when the search bar is blank.
When searching individual segments text is automatically highlighted. Segment search highlighting takes priority sometimes, depends how it's feeling.

Feature Added: Active Production Category Search

On productions a button appears next to the Category dropdown. Clicking this button loads active productions onto the page, gathers their category lists and complies them into a dropdown. Choosing a category from this dropdown will cause all productions with matching categories to show on the page with this Category filter applies to them. Any categories on the starting production page are prefixed with *. This is for ease of identification. Choosing a category that is not on the starting production page will not update the starting production page.
Note it only shows ACTIVE productions. That is, productions shown as Running on your %SYS homepage.
This is useful for seeing workflows for a particular category across namespaces. It's a little slow if you have a lot of productions, but it works pretty well.

Feature Added: Segment Search.

Hide segments that don't match your current search criteria. You can search specific segments by prepending your search with \SEGMENT\YOUR SEARCH HERE


Bonus points if you know which Rosetta Terminology vitals that references.
That example will only hide OBX segments, leaving other segments still visible. Useful for searching for specific OBX-3 values but leaving the OBR/PID/MSH etc.. segments showing.
Please remember to use back slashes. This also renders back slashes useless for search purposes. Sorry.

Feature Added: Hide Iris Whiz Buttons Until Needed

Added an IRIS WHIZ button to maximise/minimise the button bar as needed. This is the bar that appears on Full Trace tab, Message Contents Tab and Selected Messages Tab and contains Text Compare, Schema Search etc.
Choose on the option page whether you want the button bar to be expanded on page load. Default is buttons are hidden. It also looks more fancy now. You're welcome.

Feature Added: Bookmark Folder Name setting

A new text input in the settings adds ability to recreate the bookmark folder with your desired name. I've not auto-deleted the old one in case people add other bookmarks to this folder. You have been warned.

Feature added: Schema Mode on Message Contents pages.

You can now toggle Schema Mode using the… Schema Mode button! The current behaviour for expanding schema only shows the known schema that is available in the Title of the field - the bit where you hover your mouse over the fields. The new version can look up the schema using the link in the segment element. This is slow, especially when used in conjunction with the Searching features. Therefore I've limited it to the Contents view. WARNING! It will continue to work if you import messages to this view. Unless you like to watch the world burn, don't use the Full Schema option if you have many messages imported into your page.

Update: Minor speed increases. Nobody will notice. Yay.

15 Oct, 2023 SStefan Cronje
Version 1.1.1

Moved to a different github repo

13 Oct, 2023 EEduard Lebedyuk
Version 3.2.38

Version bump

12 Oct, 2023 Evgeny Shvarov
Version 1.0.3

Docker build and IRIS analytics enablement fixes.
Thanks to Robert Cemper's

Version 1.0.0

Initial Release

09 Oct, 2023 Anton Gnibeda
Version 3.2.18
  • fixed support of related filters, only works if enabled in application settings (#388)
09 Oct, 2023 KKari Vatjus-Anttila
Version 1.0.0

Initial Release

06 Oct, 2023 AAlice Mogenet
Order Sets
Version 1.0.0

Initial Release

06 Oct, 2023 AAlice Mogenet
Care Planning
Version 1.0.0

Initial Release

05 Oct, 2023 Kurro Lopez
Version 1.1.0

Release note

Added the following functionalities

  • Image variation
  • Image edit
  • Audio translation
  • Audio transcription
05 Oct, 2023 BBenjamin De Boe
Version 0.6.3

fix issue when qualifiers may leak from one ScanFile() call to another

04 Oct, 2023 GGuillaume Rongier
Version 2.3.12
  • add new command line option test
  • refactor some code
  • few fixes
04 Oct, 2023 Robert Cemper
Version 2.0.1

adjustment in module.xml

04 Oct, 2023 Robert Cemper
Version 1.0.1

rework optical presentation
use %JOB.Format for display
polish Online demo
clean IPM output

03 Oct, 2023 BBenjamin De Boe
Version 0.6.2

add explicit COLUMNS clause to work around quirky column name issues with foreign tables

02 Oct, 2023 Lorenzo Scalese
Version 1.0.4
  • The generator entry points has been regrouped in the dc.openapi.suite.Generate #14
  • minor code improvement #13
02 Oct, 2023 Anton Gnibeda
Version 3.2.17
  • added support for range filters with NOW keyword for all widgets (#403)
30 Sep, 2023 Lorenzo Scalese
Version 1.0.3
  • Add feature to generate only models from server side generator
30 Sep, 2023 Lorenzo Scalese
Version 0.0.3

minor change

30 Sep, 2023 Lorenzo Scalese
Version 1.0.2

Include some improvements and fixes.
Thanks Theo!

30 Sep, 2023 Lorenzo Scalese
Version 0.0.2
  • change the "parse" method for more flexibility
29 Sep, 2023 BBenjamin De Boe
Version 0.6.1

Added support for creating Foreign Tables, with their structure inferred straight from files

28 Sep, 2023 Lorenzo Scalese
Version 1.0.1
  • Add external references support.
28 Sep, 2023 Lorenzo Scalese
Open API Client Gen
Version 2.1.3

Fix an issue with special characters in object property name.

28 Sep, 2023 Lorenzo Scalese
Version 1.0.3

Add external references support.

28 Sep, 2023 EEduard Lebedyuk
Version 1.0.1


28 Sep, 2023 GGuillaume Rongier
Version 1.3.2
  • fix model classes with dots in properties