InterSystems IRIS, Docker and ObjectScript

Topic and Rules

Topic of the Contest

In this programming contest, we will accept applications that meet the ObjectScript CLI requirement.
Your application could be the library, package or tool, written in InterSystems ObjectScript can be used as a method call from another ObjectScript class or simply in IRIS Terminal.

The application could be launched on either InterSystems IRIS Community Edition,
or InterSystems IRIS for Health Community Edition.

If git cloned or download from the application's repository it should be runnable with docker container. E.g.:

$ docker-compose up -d

The application could be implemented as CLI, with execution in the IRIS terminal. e.g.:

$ docker-compose exec iris iris session iris

Node: 981b8e5c8f7a, Instance: IRIS

USER>w ##class(Your.Application).MakeTheWorldABetterPlace()

Sample Application

Don't forget to highlight in of your repository how it could be used.

How to Apply

Log in to Open Exchange, open the page of your application, be sure it meets the requirement and click the "Apply for Contest" button. Your application will follow to approval chain and once approved will appear on the Contest page eventually.

Prizes and Nomination

General Nomination

  • 1st place - $2,000
  • 2nd place - $1,000
  • 3nd place - $500

Community Nomination

  • 1st place - $1,000

Terms and Conditions, Rules and Judgement

By participating in the Contest you agree with the following Terms and Conditions

Read and discuss the rules, nominations, and judgment.

NominationsRegistered applications (20)

Database Blocks Explorer for InterSystems Caché

Author: Dmitry Maslennikov

Experts 13Community 3


Export/Import InterSystems Data Platform development artefacts

Author: Gevorg Arutiunian

Experts 10Community 1


A flexible and powerful SQL query string builder for InterSystems IRIS

Author: Henry Hamon Pereira

Experts 8Community 9


Weather, Exchange Rate, Temperature, Length

Author: Henrique Gonçalves Dias

Experts 8Community 2


Class data verifier. Utility validates Intersystems IRIS classes properties data according to the properties' types.

Author: Gevorg Arutiunian

Experts 5Community 0


Application tools for technical support and DBMS administrator. View and edit arrays, execute queries, including JDBC/ODBC, sending results to email as XLS files. A few simple graphs on the protocols of the system. This solution can be installed in earlier versions of Caché and Ensemble (tested 2016.1+). This can be done by importing xml.

Author: Sergey Mikhailenko

Experts 3Community 1


Foreach function equivalent for ObjectScript

Author: David Crawford

Experts 3Community 0


Work with collections like a boss + Epic promo video inside!

Author: Maks Atygaev

Experts 1Community 4


Tool for moving large globals from a database to another database without application downtime.

Author: Lorenzo Scalese

Experts 1Community 0


Creating a new database, namespace, CSP/REST Application never been so easy.

Author: Henrique Gonçalves Dias

Experts 0Community 7


TAR compress tool

Author: Dmitry Maslennikov

Experts 0Community 1


cmPurgeBackup is an utility that can be used to erase old Online Backup files.

Author: Alexey Maslov

Experts 0Community 1


Generate massive amounts of fake data for Intersystems Caché

Author: Henry Hamon Pereira

Experts 0Community 0


Ensemble solution to email contents of a file via File Passthrough Service using Email Passthrough Operation

Author: Oliver Wilms

Experts 0Community 0


Application to keep track of your globals and database size.

Author: Lorenzo Scalese

Experts 0Community 0

Dynamic SQL to Dynamic Object

📟 ObjectScript function to convert any sql query into a dynamic object

Author: David Crawford

Experts 0Community 0


Library and examples of units of measure to work with physical objects implementation in ObjectScript. The first version includes the SI unit system. Next will be added American customary units, units of currency, bits and bytes, font and pixel sizes.

Author: Dmitrii Kuznetsov

Experts 0Community 0

Reports from global

Based on the information from a global, using one query, we can create several reports at once.

Author: alex kosinets

Experts 0Community 0


InterSystems IRIS image for running unit tests. Useful for CIs, including GitHub Actions.

Author: Rubens Silva

Experts 0Community 0


A demonstration of how IRIS-CI works.

Author: Rubens Silva

Experts 0Community 0