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InterSystems IRIS
IRIS node.js javascript API REST
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Initial Release

If you are a beginner with InterSystems IRIS and node.js this is the best place to start learning. This application demo a REST API build in node.js able to receive HTTP GET, POST and DELETE of custom JSON objects that will be stored and retrieved from InterSystems IRIS data platform This demo show how pretty easy is to use IRIS from node.js Enjoy!


This repository have a demo API using node.js able to receive HTTP GET, POST and DELETE of a custom JSON object in InterSystems IRIS.

This project use: Express Web server (

By default the server start at port 8000 and the base URL will be http://localhost:8000/api/test.

You can test:

URL Description
GET /api/test/:id Retrive object with the specified id
GET /api/test Retrieve all the existing objects
POST /api/test Create a new object
POST /api/test/:id Update object with the specified id
DELETE /api/test/:id Delete object with the specified id

In general the API returns:

CODE Description
200 Updated OK
201 Created OK
404 Object with specified id not found
500 Error in server

How to run

npm get all the packages for you except iris.node that must be copy manually. Copy the iris.node file to /node_module/iris directory (create if not exists). You can get iris.node from WRC or also from the /bin directory of the InterSystems IRIS installed instance. Check out if it is the right version for your node installation. In my case I used node version v8.6.0 so I needed iris800.node. Remenber to rename the file to iris.node. After that you can do:

$npm install
$npm start

How to test

You can che conectivity with IRIS with

$node ./tests/test.js

If everything before works, then you can start sending HTTP commands:

Create new object

$curl -d '{"key1":"value1", "key2":"value2"}' -H "Content-Type: application/json" -X POST http://localhost:8000/api/test

Update existing object

$curl -d '{"key1":"abc", "key2":"abc"}' -H "Content-Type: application/json" -X POST http://localhost:8000/api/test/1

Retrieve all objects

$curl http://localhost:8000/api/test

Retrieve existing object

$curl http://localhost:8000/api/test/1

Delete existing object

$curl -X DELETE http://localhost:8000/api/test/1