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This application is not supported by InterSystems Corporation. Please be notified that you use it at your own risk.
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Remove a Production Item with two clicks

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interoperability-manager created from InterSystems IRIS Full Stack demo and template

I was inspired to create this app when I read a post on Developer Community.

I include a sample Production


Do you want to delete a Production Item with two clicks?

Direct your browser to URL: http://localhost:57700/irisapp/ProductionManager.csp

First click on any item in the “Remove Item” column …screenshot

Second click OK button, if you are sure.screenshot

ZPM Package Manager

This module is zpm-packaged, which means that it is described with module.xml and available in public repository and installable with:
zpm “install interoperability-manager”



Make sure you have git and Docker desktop installed.

Docker way

Clone the repo, run:

docker-compose up -d

ZPM way

Open IRIS terminal and run ZPM:

zpm:USER>install "interoperability-manager"

After ZPM installation, access the application at URL: http://yourserver:yourport/csp/irisapp/index.html#/

or go directly to Production Manager at URL: http://yourserver:yourport/csp/irisapp/ProductionManager.csp

interoperability-manager Unit Test

Open IRIS terminal using IRISAPP namespace:

docker-compose exec iris iris session iris -U IRISAPP

The first command needs to be run once

Set ^UnitTestRoot="/opt/unittests"

This app utilizes a specific directory for UnitTests. The directory name, in this case interoperability-manager, is the name for a suite of tests and is also a child of the directory specified by ^UnitTestRoot. Running %UnitTest.Manager.RunTest(“interoperability-manager”) runs all of the tests stored in the interoperability-manager directory. Since we are using .cls files rather than XML files, we must supply the /loadudl qualifier to RunTest.

Do ##class(%UnitTest.Manager).RunTest("interoperability-manager","/loadudl")
IRISAPP>Do ##class(%UnitTest.Manager).RunTest("interoperability-manager","/loadudl")

Directory: /opt/unittests/interoperability-manager/

interoperability-manager begins ...
Load of directory started on 07/09/2022 15:23:18 '.xml;.XML;.cls;.mac;.int;.inc;.CLS;.MAC;.INT;.INC'

Loading file /opt/unittests/interoperability-manager/test.cls as udl

Compilation started on 07/09/2022 15:23:18 with qualifiers '/loadudl'
Compiling class UnitTest.interoperability.manager.test
Compiling routine UnitTest.interoperability.manager.test.1
Compilation finished successfully in 0.042s.

Load finished successfully.

UnitTest.interoperability.manager.test begins ...
  TestRESTapi() begins ...

1 CCS Feeder Service 1
2 CDW Feeder Service 1
3 FMS Feeder Service 1
4 FSC Feeder Service 1
5 FSC deletedVendors Service 1
6 File Passthrough Service 1
7 POC Feeder Service 1
8 POU Feeder Service 1
9 PYXIS Feeder Service 1
10 Upload Feeder Service 0
11 UploadFiles Feeder Service 1
12 Wavemark Feeder Service 1
13 CAPuser Operation 1
14 DCT Operation 1
15 FTP Operation 1
16 PYXIS Operation 1
17 Wavemark Operation 1
LogMessage:17 ConfigItems before.
AssertEquals:CallRESTapi (passed)
1 CCS Feeder Service 1
2 CDW Feeder Service 1
3 FMS Feeder Service 1
4 FSC Feeder Service 1
5 File Passthrough Service 1
6 POC Feeder Service 1
7 POU Feeder Service 1
8 PYXIS Feeder Service 1
9 Upload Feeder Service 0
10 UploadFiles Feeder Service 1
11 Wavemark Feeder Service 1
12 CAPuser Operation 1
13 DCT Operation 1
14 FTP Operation 1
15 PYXIS Operation 1
16 Wavemark Operation 1
LogMessage:16 ConfigItems after.
AssertEquals:TestRESTapi (passed)
LogMessage:Duration of execution: 1.16711 sec.
TestRESTapi passed
UnitTest.interoperability.manager.test passed
interoperability-manager passed

Use the following URL to view the result:$NAMESPACE=IRISAPP

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