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fhir-portal is introduced. Installed via ZPM

FHIR Server template using InterSystems IRIS for Health


This is the base template for using InterSystems IRIS for Health Community Edition as a FHIR Server

It setups a FHIR SERVER, imports the test data, demoes REST API usage with a simple web page.


Make sure you have git and Docker desktop installed.


Clone/git pull the repo into any local directory

$ git clone

Open the terminal in this directory and run:

$ docker-compose up -d

Patient data

The template goes with 5 preloaded patents in /data/fhir folder which are being loaded during docker build You can generate more patients doing the following. Open shel terminal in repository folder and call:

#./ 10

this will create 10 more patients in data/fhir folder. Then open IRIS terminal in FHIRSERVER namespace with the following command:

docker-compose exec iris iris session iris -U FHIRServer

and call the loader method:

FHIRSERVER>d ##class(fhirtemplate.Setup).LoadPatientData("/irisdev/app/output/fhir","FHIRSERVER","/fhir/r4")

with using the following project

Testing FHIR R4 API

Open URL http://localhost:32783/fhir/r4/metadata you should see the output of fhir resources on this server

Testing Postman calls

Get fhir resources metadata GET call for http://localhost:32783/fhir/r4/metadata Screenshot 2020-08-07 at 17 42 04

Open Postman and make a GET call for the preloaded Patient: http://localhost:32783/fhir/r4/Patient/1 Screenshot 2020-08-07 at 17 42 26

Testing FHIR API calls in simple frontend APP

the very basic frontend app with search and get calls to Patient and Observation FHIR resources could be found here: http://localhost:32783/csp/user/fhirUI/FHIRAppDemo.html or from VSCode ObjectScript menu: Screenshot 2020-08-07 at 17 34 49

While open the page you will see search result for female anemic patients and graphs a selected patient's hemoglobin values: Screenshot 2020-08-06 at 18 51 22

Development Resources

InterSystems IRIS FHIR Documentation FHIR API Developer Community FHIR section

How to start development

This repository is ready to code in VSCode with ObjectScript plugin. Install VSCode, Docker and ObjectScript plugin and open the folder in VSCode. Open /src/cls/PackageSample/ObjectScript.cls class and try to make changes - it will be compiled in running IRIS docker container. docker_compose

Feel free to delete PackageSample folder and place your ObjectScript classes in a form /src/Package/Classname.cls Read more about folder setup for InterSystems ObjectScript

The script in Installer.cls will import everything you place under /src into IRIS.

What's inside the repository


The simplest dockerfile which starts IRIS and imports Installer.cls and then runs the Installer.setup method, which creates IRISAPP Namespace and imports ObjectScript code from /src folder into it. Use the related docker-compose.yml to easily setup additional parametes like port number and where you map keys and host folders. Use .env/ file to adjust the dockerfile being used in docker-compose.


Settings file to let you immedietly code in VSCode with VSCode ObjectScript plugin)


Config file if you want to debug with VSCode ObjectScript


ERROR #5001: Error -28 Creating Directory /usr/irissys/mgr/FHIRSERVER/ If you see this error it probably means that you ran out of space in docker. you can clean up it with the following command:

docker system prune -f

And then start rebuilding image without using cache:

docker-compose build --no-cache

and start the container with:

docker-compose up -d

This and other helpful commands you can find in

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