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This application is not supported by InterSystems Corporation. Please be notified that you use it at your own risk.
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It is a generic REST API backend for modern web applications.

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RESTForms is a generalized REST API backend for web applications built on InterSystems (Caché or Ensemble) backend.


  1. Import latest release appropriate for your Caché version (161 for 2016.1, 162 for 2016.2+).
  2. Create REST web app with Form.REST.Main as Dispatch Class.
  3. Generate test data: do ##class(Form.Util.Init).populateTestForms()

Usage description and examples

Read this post on Developer Community. Developer community article about queries.
Russian article.


URL Type Description
test GET Test request
info GET Basic information (currently language list)
logout GET End current session
form/info GET List of all availible forms
form/info/all GET Get metainformation for all forms
form/info/:class GET Form metainformation
form/field/:class POST Add field to form
form/field/:class PUT Modify form field
form/field/:class/:property DELETE Delete form field
form/object/:class/:id GET Retrieve form object
form/object/:class/:id/:property GET Retrieve one field of the form object
form/object/:class POST Create form object
form/object/:class/:id PUT Update form object from dynamic object
form/object/:class PUT Update form object from object
form/object/:class/:id DELETE Delete form object
form/objects/:class/:query GET (SQL) Get all members for the form by query
form/objects/:class/custom/:query GET (SQL) Get all members for the form by custom query
form/file/:class/:id/:property POST Add files to this property
form/file/:class/:id/:property DELETE Delete all files from this property
form/file/:class/:id/:property/:name DELETE Delete one file from property
form/file/:class/:id/:property/:name GET Download one file from property

For POST/PUT requests see method descriptions for request body samples


You can use Postman to query RESTForms API. Collection. Environment.

SQL requests

GET http://localhost:57772/forms/form/objects/Form.Test.Simple/info?size=2&page=1&orderby=text

GET http://localhost:57772/forms/form/objects/Form.Test.Simple/all?orderby=text+desc

GET http://localhost:57772/forms/form/objects/Form.Test.Simple/all?filter=text%20eq%20A9044

GET http://localhost:57772/forms/form/objects/Form.Test.Simple/all?filter=text%20in%20A9044~B5920

Note, that for SQL access user must have relevant SQL privileges (SELECT on form table).


There are two query types:

  • Basic queries work for all RESTForms classes once defined and they differ only by the field list
  • Custom queries work only for the classes in which they are specified and available, but the user has full access to query text

Basic queries

Execute form/objects/:class/:query request, to call a simple query. Second :query parameter determines query type - the contents of query between SELECT and FROM. Here are default query types:

Query Description
all all information
info displayName and id
infoclass displayName, id, class
count number of rows

RESTForms looks for a query named myq in the following places (till first hit):

  1. Class method queryMYQ in your form class
  2. Parameter MYQ in your queries class
  3. Class method queryMYQ in your queries class
  4. Parameter MYQ in Form.REST.Objects class
  5. Class method queryMYQ in Form.REST.Objects class

You can define your own queries class. To define your own query named myq there:

  1. Define a class YourClassName
  2. Define there a MYQ parameter or queryMYQ class method. Parameter takes precedence over the method.
  3. Method or param must return the part of SQL query between SELECT and FROM
  4. (Once) Execute in a terminal: Do ##class(For.Settings).setSetting("queryclass", YourClassName)

Method signature is: ClassMethod queryMYQ(class As %String) As %String

You can define a class-specific query. To define your own class query named myq:

  1. Define a queryMYQ class method in your form class
  2. Method signature is: ClassMethod queryMYQ() As %String
  3. Method must return the part of SQL query between SELECT and FROM

Custom Queries

Execute form/objects/:class/custom/:query request, to call a custom query. Custom query allows user code to determine the full content of the query. URL parameters besides size and page are unavailable. Your method must parse all other url parameters.

To define your own custom query named myq:

  1. Define a customqueryMYQ class method in your form class
  2. Method signature is: ClassMethod customqueryMYQ() As %String
  3. Method must return a valid SQL query

URL arguments:

All arguments are optional.

Argument Sample Value Description
size 2 page size
page 1 page number
filter Value+contains+W WHERE clause
orderby Value+desc ORDER BY clause
collation UPPER COLLATION clause
nocount 1 Remove count of rows (speeds up query)
mode 0 SQL mode value. Can be 0 - Logical, 1 - ODBC, 2 - Display. Defaults to 0.

ORDER BY clause

Value can be: Column or Column+desc. Column is a column from the sql table or a colum number.

WHERE clause

In a format: Column+condition+Value.

Several conditions are possible: Column+condition+Value+Column2+condition2+Value2.

If Value contains white spaces replace them with tabs before sending to the server.


neq !=
eq =
gte >=
gt >
lte <=
lt <
startswith %STARTSWITH
contains [
doesnotcontain ’[
in IN
like LIKE


In a format: collation=UPPER or collation=EXACT.
Forces specified collation on WHERE clause. If omitted, default collation is used.


You can setup several settings.
Set them via Write ##class(For.Settings).setSetting(Setting, Value).

Setting Values Description
queryclass Caché class name Class with your own queries. See Query types for details.
fileDir Directory path Directory for files. Defaults to MGR\DB directory
timezone ignore, utc Affects how timestamps are converted for a client. UTC has Z on end, ignore does not


See Form.Test.Simple and other forms in Form.Test package for samples.
To generate test data execute: do ##class(Form.Util.Init).populateTestForms()
To remove test forms permanently from your local repository

  1. Enter Form\Test directory from git bash
  2. git update-index --assume-unchanged $(git ls-files | tr '\n' ' ')
  3. Delete Form\Test directory

Object creation

For Form.Test.Simple.

POST http://localhost:57772/forms/form/object/Form.Test.Simple
Headers must contain Content-Type and (probably) authorization

Content-Type: application/json
Authorization: Basic Base64String



Object update

For Form.TestForm.

PUT http://localhost:57772/forms/form/object/Form.Test.Simple


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