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This application is not supported by InterSystems Corporation. Please be notified that you use it at your own risk.
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An Application Starter Pack (ASP) is a code base built by an InterSystems partner using InterSystems IRIS Data Platform that shortens the time to develop a complete application that addresses a specific industry or technology challenge. It is not a completed application. Rather, it is a starter code that can be extended and customized by partners and customers to meet specific customer requirements and environments.

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InterSystems IRIS Smart Factory Starter Pack

NOTE: ⚠️ This application is licensed as open source under the MIT License and is not officially supported by InterSystems Corporation. Use it at your own risk.

Application Starter Pack for manufacturing companies using OPC-UA for OEE Dashboard.
The Starter Pack is a generic framework for fast generation and consists of :

  1. API for managing master data
  2. API for equipment setup with their related data from the PLC
  3. API for datastructure generation
  4. API for sending information to PowerBI using the Push DataSet interface
  5. Integration example with JD Edwards

The Starter Pack is used within a project in a manufacturing plant to give operators realtime insight in OEE and other custom metrics witihin their process. For more information about the functional and technical working see the Wiki https://github.com/intersystems/asp-oee/wiki of the project.


The repository has been separated into 4 parts.


The source of this solution divided into:

  • JDE integration sources
  • OPC-UA generation framework
  • PowerBI push dataset integration


The images used within the Wiki


PostMan projects to get started quickly with this project


This solution uses the InterSystems Python Gateway https://openexchange.intersystems.com/package/PythonGateway with the free OPC-UA library https://github.com/FreeOpcUa/opcua-asyncio

Getting started


  1. Create a namespace with the name OEESP
  2. Install the InterSystems Python Gateway https://openexchange.intersystems.com/package/PythonGateway
  3. Install the InterSystems classes. This can be easily done by using this tool https://github.com/gertjanklein/iris-export-builder
  4. Install the python code in a directory on your machine and get the requirements by running
    pip install -r requirements.txt
  5. Install Postman (https://www.postman.com/downloads/)
  6. Optionally you can load the masterdata that is provided in the masterdata directory in the corresponding opc.ua.config.* table

Initial configuration

Before we can really use the solution we need to create manually the webapplications.
Go in the Management Portal to System Administration -> Security -> Applications -> Web Applications


  • Name - /api/v1/datamodel
  • Dispatch Class - opc.ua.rest.datamodel.disp
  • Security Settings - Unauthenticated

Datamodel webapplication configuration
Datamodel webapplication application roles


  • Name - /api/v1/equipment
  • Dispatch Class - opc.ua.rest.equipment.disp
  • Security Settings - Unauthenticated

Datamodel webapplication configuration
Datamodel webapplication application roles

Master data

  • Name - /api/v1/masterdata
  • Dispatch Class - opc.ua.rest.masterdata.disp
  • Security Settings - Unauthenticated

Datamodel webapplication configuration
Datamodel webapplication application roles

Postman StarterProject

There are 2 postman projects available that you can import in postman to get you started.

  • StarterPack collection consists of all available URL’s within the Rest Services
  • StarterPack example collection is a simple example to get you up and running with a simple 3 layer (staging, transformation and serving) setup for 1 equipment and some nodes.
  • The StarterPack Development environment for running the projects locally


The wiki (https://github.com/intersystems/asp-oee/wiki/Tutorial) of this repository has a tutorial that explains the example that has been delivered as a PostMan project and how to use & update the generated model.

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