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Performance test among databases using Ptyhon

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Initial Release


Databases comparative based on a Python project developed using Jupyter Notebook connected using the official libraries to IRIS, MySQL and Postgresql.

You can find more in-depth information in https://learning.intersystems.com.

What do you need to install?


Build the image we will use during the workshop:

$ git clone https://github.com/intersystems-ib/workshop-py-performance
$ cd workshop-py-performance
$ docker-compose build


The main purpose of this example is to test the performance of different databases connected by Python libraries to a Jupyter Notebook project.

ATTENTION Docker configuration

There is a known issue related to the permission request from Docker Desktop to access to the folders of the project, this permission has to be granted before to launch docker-compose up -d. To allow the file sharing in Docker Desktop you have to open settings option, select Resources and File Sharing, from that screen you have to include the path to the project, you can see here an example:
alt text

If you don’t share this folder previously PostgreSQL database won’t be initialized and the project will fail.

Test Production

  • Run the containers that we will use in the workshop:
docker-compose build

docker-compose up -d

Automatically an IRIS instance, a MySQL and a PostgreSQL databases will be deployed, a Jupyter Notebook is deployed under (http://localhost:8888) too.

You can check PostgreSQL and MySQL databases from Adminer

MySQL Adminer

  • Open Adminer using the following parameters:
    • Server: mysql
    • Username: testuser
    • Password: testpassword
    • Database: test

PostgreSQL Adminer

  • Open Adminer using the following parameters:
    • Server: posrgres
    • Username: testuser
    • Password: testpassword
    • Database: testuser
  • Select Schema test

IRIS database

  • Open the Management Portal.
  • Login using the default superuser/ SYS account.
  • Open System Explorer –> SQL
  • Select NAMESPACE USER and Schema Test

Testing with Jupyter Notebook

This project is devolped in Python using Jupyter Notebook, you can access to it from here and open PerformanceTests.ipnyb file.
alt text

You can test the project step by step or execute it at one time, feel free.

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