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by Dmitry Maslennikov on behalf of CaretDev
This application is not supported by InterSystems Corporation. Please be notified that you use it at your own risk.
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InterSystems support for SQL in the SQLTools extension to Visual Studio Code

What's new in this version

Initial Support for InterSystems IRIS in SQLTools extension for VSCode

SQLTools Driver for InterSystems IRIS


As a complete, cloud-first data platform, InterSystems IRIS eliminates the need to integrate multiple technologies, resulting in less code, fewer system resources, less maintenance, and higher ROI. It provides high performance database management, interoperability, and analytics capabilities, all built-in from the ground up to speed and simplify your most demanding data-intensive applications.

This SQL driver offers a handy way to test out queries when you’re coding in VS Code. It provides a nice “scratchpad” to test out syntax before putting the query into your ObjectScript, Java, or Python code, all without leaving the VS Code environment. Look elsewhere for a fully-functional SQL client.

Try out the SQL QuickStart and explore more getting started exercises.


  • Install SQLTools in VS Code from the Marketplace
  • Install the InterSystems extension to SQLTools
    • Install a published version from within VS Code
      • Click on the Extensions icon in your Activity pane
      • Search for SQLTools
      • Find InterSystems and click on Install
    • Or install a beta version
      • Go to the GitHub releases page
      • Expand Assets triangle for the latest version
      • Download the file ending in .vsix
      • Click on the Extensions icon in the Activity pane
      • In the Extensions pane, at the top right, click the “…” menu and select “Install from VSIX…”


  • Click the SQLTools icon in the Activity pane (left side of VS Code)
    SQLTools icon in Activity pane
  • If you have no previous database connections, you will see an “Add new connection” button. Click that.
    Add connection button
  • If you already have other connections defined, you won’t see the button. Instead, open the command palette (Ctrl/Cmd+Shift+P) and run “SQLTools Management: Add New Connection” Add connection from command palette
  • Click InterSystems IRIS
  • Fill out connection information
  • Test the connection
  • Save the connection


With a connection defined, you can now write SQL, browse tables, etc.

To write raw SQL

  • Click the “New SQL file” icon
  • Write your SQL statement
  • Click “Run on active connection”
  • Or, select the SQL statement text, and execute it
    • either right-click and select “Run selected query” from the contentual menu
    • or type Command-E, Command-E (Mac)
    • or type Ctrl-E, Ctrl-E (Windows)

To browse tables

  • Click on your connection
  • Click on “Tables”
  • Right-click on the table of interest
  • From the contextual menu, select “Show table records”
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08 Sep, 2020