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This kit allows you to find out about, explore and try out the unique QEWD-JSdb "persistent JavaScript Objects", made possible by IRIS Globals. For simplicity of use and speed and ease of installation, the kit is designed for use with the IRIS Community Edition Docker Container: you can be up and running in a matter of a few minutes. However, QEWD-JSdb and the Node.js-based QEWD framework can be easily installed on any IRIS (or Cache) system. Layered on top of QEWD-JSdb's persistent JavaScript objects are several examples of the multi-model capability it provides: Lists, key/object store and XML DOM. The latter is a great example of the persistent Objects concept: it includes XPath query capability, provided by the standard, unmodified Node.js XPath module. This module is designed to work with an in-memory XML DOM, and does not know or care that the DOM object provided by QEWD-JSdb is actually on-disk (in IRIS Globals)! The kit includes tutorials for QEWD-JSdb itself and the three layered database models. You can try out the tutorial examples interactively using the Node.js REPL. Also included are web-based "explorer" applications that allow you to watch the database models in action. Finally, using the QEWD Monitor application's graphical QEWD-JSdb Inspector option, you can explore the underlying hierarchical storage of the IRIS Globals created and maintained in the tutorials and explorer applications.

What's new in this version

Updated summary description and added YouTube video link

QEWD & QEWD-JSdb Explorer Kit for the IRIS Community Edition Docker Container

Rob Tweed rtweed@mgateway.com
19 January 2021, M/Gateway Developments Ltd http://www.mgateway.com

Twitter: @rtweed

Google Group for discussions, support, advice etc: http://groups.google.co.uk/group/enterprise-web-developer-community

About this Repository

This repository provides a kit for installing, configuring and running
QEWD and the QEWD-JSdb Explorer Applications on the IRIS Community Edition
Docker Container.

Once installed, you can explore the Multi-Model Database capabilities of
QEWD-JSdb. In particular, you'll be able to see and manipulate:

  • persistent JavaScript Objects
  • document database
  • Redis-like Lists
  • Redis-like Key/Object storage
  • persistent XML Dom / Native XML Database with built-in XPath Query Support

all implemented in Node.js/JavaScript and abstracted onto IRIS Global storage.

If you want to find out more about the concepts and thinking behind QEWD-JSdb,
watch this video of a presentation
I gave to the London Node.js User Group
in January 2020.

Installation and Configuration

It only takes minutes and a few simple, largely-automated
steps to get QEWD and the QEWD-JSdb Exploration kit installed and working
on the IRIS Community Editition Docker Container.

Read and follow the Installation and Configuration Instructions here.

An Initial Guide to QEWD-JSdb using the Node.js REPL

Familiarise yourself with the concepts behind QEWD-JSdb by
taking the initial tutorial where you can
interact directly with the QEWD-JSdb abstraction of your IRIS
Global Storage withing the Node.js REPL.

Model-Specific Exploration

Once you're familiar with the basics of QEWD-JSdb, you can begin exploring how
it has been used to create a number of other database models, including:

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20 Jan, 2021