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Sylvain Guilbaud14 August 2023
The perfect tool to develop IRIS interoperability apps 100% in Python

If you're still not convinced by the ability of IRIS to let you develop interoperability flows in pure Python, without a line of ObjectScript, you should pay attention to this app.

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shanshan05 July 2023
Excellent template

Looking forward to future updates

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Great template to develop python productions

With this app you got template classes ready to you create iris productions with python with productivity**

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Muhammad Waseem25 April 2023
7* Interoperability embedded python template

Greate template
Very well-organized and structured
The use of PEX is very well explained and demonstrated
I used this template in my application and found it very helpful
7* Interoperability embedded Python template

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Lucas Enard17 August 2022
A new way to code for InterSystem

I have had the chance to work, using this module, on many project as the implementation of the FIX protocol in IRIS or the usage of the API of hugging face to use ml models in IRIS.
This module allows you to create from scratch any production in the IRIS framework and that in 100% Python.

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Lorenzo Scalese08 July 2022
The Python dev seduction

Guillaume introduced me to this tool for the first time at the Hacking Health Camp 2022.
At Global Summit 2022, I could see major enhancements including Python standards like PEP 8.
It's easy to handle, and the documentation is clear.

Obviously, in my opinion, the interest is less for ObjectScript developers.
BUT, this is great work and a "must-have" for new IRIS developers that would like to code interoperability with Python.
It could be an argument to seduce Python devs!

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Ron Sweeney29 June 2022
This is NOT a Toy

Insanely jealous of the work that has gone in here, dev and doc... definitely a game changer for a few reasons I will briefly outline below, and hopefully get some cycles into utilizing it for all the things bouncing around in my head.

Ability to Leverage Powerful Libraries
I think this one is obvious for most, and you may have seen it somewhere else playing games with object translation to and from other runtimes, but this one is native. Its literally's in the code base, requirements.txt and a single command to let IRIS know where they live.

Message Traces for All
The persistence in IRIS enables the message trace and it sells for good reason... it helps maintain professional interoperability that relies on things. For pipelines that I typically rely on scheduled tasks to move objects between stages, now I can shoot them across production items and inspect them at various states, right there in the good ol message trace.

IAC (InterSystems As Code) Compliant
Plays exceptionally well in a code life cycle process and automated deployment to targets. Also, the kids can read it right there in the repo without a whole lot of excuses.

Did I mention Persistence?
There have been some pings from colleagues harassing me about how cool python was and that intersystems tech could be replaced easily by such things as dagster and a handful of healthcare related pip's. But now I can strike back with coolness of the persistence riding right along side my python at different stages in the interoperability productions and can explain my business process to actually get support.

Definitely a "sick day" and a fork in my immediate future.

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Ronald Soelkner27 June 2022
This is perfect and exactly what I'm looking for

Guillaume showed me the toolset at the Summit in Seattle and I loved it right away!

By using Python we can get more people to write modules for Iris Interoperability and this tool makes it super easy to implement it!

This should be shipped with Iris!

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Kinshuk Rakshith24 June 2022
The right tool for the job

Given the quickfix Python library and tasked with building a FIX protocol adaptor that works within an InterSystems IRIS interoperability production, I came across this solution, which seemd like a good fit. After a quick consultation with Guillaume Ronger, he helped me build a functional solution within an hour. I am highly impressed with the versatility of this application and author's command over the subject of integrating Python within InterSystems IRIS.

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Joost Platenburg24 June 2022
Great presentation

Interested in your tool

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Paul Hegel23 June 2022
Great presentation.

Thank you for the great code and documenation

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Robert Cemper22 January 2022
a 6* starter into practical ePy
  • Docker container builds clean and starts without problems.
  • The test description fulfills immediately and covers promises.
  • you really should view how massages with JSON bodies operate
  • moreover, this is a working template of how to get into ePy
  • the documentation is very detailed and explains all required steps are taken
  • It's in fact a complete kick-off training on how to use ePy in IRIS
  • don't miss it
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