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Face recognition using Embedded Python and IRIS in Docker

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Example about an IRIS production using Embedded Python to recognize and identify faces in photos

You can find more in-depth information in https://learning.intersystems.com.

What do you need to install?


Build the image we will use during the workshop:

$ git clone https://github.com/intersystems-ib/workshop-py-face
$ cd workshop-py-face
$ docker-compose build

The current project is self-deployable and it doesn’t require further configuration. The Python libraries required are installed during the deployment of the container.


The main purpose of this example is to ingest images from a specific folder, identify the faces in the images and check any possible match of the faces in a group of images used as repository.

In order to accomplish this goal we are going to use the functionality available in IRIS to use a language like Python in our ObjectScript classes.

We are going to use two models pre-trained to simplify the code, the first one, mobilenet_graph.pb will help us to recognize all the faces in our image. The second one, facenet_keras_weights.h5 will allow us to compare the face found with the faces in the images of our repository.

Nomenclator Production

  • Run the containers we will use in the workshop:
docker-compose up

Automatically an IRIS instance will be deployed and a production will be configured and run to read JPG files from /shared/JPG folder.

  • Open the Management Portal.
  • Login using the default superuser/ SYS account.
  • Click on Nomenclator Production to access the sample production that we are going to use. You can access also from NOMENCLATOR namespace through Interoperability > User > Configure > Production.
  • Click on Nomenclator.FaceChecker business service and review the configuration.
    • You will notice that is using EnsLib.File.InboundAdapter as the adapter to read all the files in /shared/JPG folder.
    • Also you will see five new settings:
      • KnownsPath: the folder that will be used as a repository of knowns faces by the Python code. The Python method will compare the found image with the images in this folder.
      • UnknownsPath: any file found in /shared/JPG will be copied to this folder to be treated by the Python method.
      • ResultsPath: in this folder we are going to create a copy of the original image with a mark around any face found out. In case of match with any other face the mark will be of green color, otherwise the color will be red.
      • ModelDetectorFilePath: location in the container of mobilenet_graph.pb file.
      • ModelRecognitionFilePath: location in the container of facenet_keras_weights.h5 file.

Opening Visual Studio Code you will be able to manage the different folders configured, you will be able to copy jpg images from your own computer into the container folder /shared/knowns for all the knowns pictures and /shared/JPG for all the pictures that we want identify.

Python Method

If you are interested in know more about the Python functionality you can take a look to this article in spanish that I used to build the entire functionality.

How to make it run

You only need to copy the file travi.jpg located in /shared/test folder into /shared/JPG folder. I’ve included 4 photos of John Travolta as the face known, so any new photo added into /shared/JPG of John Travolta should return in the Events Log a message with the match and you will see in /shared/results folder your photo with the face enmarked in green.

In the case that you put into /shared/JPG the other file nicolas.jpg you will see an empty line in the Events Log and the JPG created into /shared/results will contain the face enmarked in red.

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