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More and more people are diagnosed with heart diseases. In the last year around 1.7 million people died within the EU due to CVDs’, which accounts for 37% of all deaths in that period. At the same time we see a rise of unhealthy behavioral changes, such as lessening physical activity among the population, increasing chances of succumbing to heart disease. This often leads to overwhelming medical care as well, as they find it increasingly difficult to provide proper care to those in need.

We wanted to offer NeuraHeart as a possible solution to the described problem. The application offers a way to organize and view patient data, both in text form and using graphs. Our application accepts data from databases as well as home device readings, such as Apple Watch. The app is also capable of making a prediction of a patient's state and bringing it to the attention of medical staff. in case of worrying results.

The solution has the potential to save many lives. From our research, often the most deadly thing about CVDs’ is a late diagnosis. Our app can help avoid such situations, while simultaneously adding a layer of organization to medical data. The app can also help increase the size of medical databases and constantly improve prediction models for different diseases. As a proof of concept, delivered data the app was able to detect a strong correlation between sudden weight gain and heart failure.

Though we mainly had focused on CVDs' during development, the application can be easily made more general to help patients with different conditions, such as pregnancies.

Our research shows that users are greatly engaged with the AI creation process and are happy to provide data. Furthermore, a great number of households already have a device capable of collecting medical data.
As the number of users is of the essence, charging them directly is mostly out of the question and the app would probably have to be sustained through contracts with government and private companies. The base of the app would require around 12k € and take another 4 months to complete.

As of now there are very few publicly available solutions on the market. While some research on the topic has already been done, the territory still seems to be mostly undiscovered. Through consultation with some physicians, they seem to have no access to such tools despite the work being already started.
The novelty of the solution as well as focus on availability to the public are our main innovative points.

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27 Nov, 2022