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Loyalty system "Yagoda"

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Developer of a platform for increasing repeat sales in retail and HoReCa

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The central place is occupied by a Intersystems IRIS cloud database where information about purchases made by your customers is collected. By accumulating this data in the future, we can segment customers according to various criteria and motivate them for the next purchase.

Popular criteria for filtering buyers

It is possible to use more than 20 different criteria, as well as use the tagging mechanism.

The most popular functions that our customers use are the return of departed customers (the system keeps track of how many days the customer has not made a purchase), as well as segmentation by the group of goods that the customer purchased.

Example strategy

For example, you can set up the following mailing strategy:

For those who have not made a purchase for six months (183 days)

We give them 500 bonuses and invite them to come to the store. You can additionally do RFM analysis on them and send messages not to everyone, but to those who used to go often, but for some reason stopped buying (at the same time, you can find out the reason).

For those who have not made purchases for more than 90 days, but had purchases from 91 and beyond

Such customers usually still have bonuses accumulated even earlier, we can also add another 500 and invite them to the store. Here the factor is triggered that soon these customers will burn out the main bonuses + the promotional bonuses that we just accrued.

For those who have not had purchases for 30 days and have made purchases for 31 days and beyond

You can make a happy hour promotion with a good discount and invite this audience during the least busy time.
Thus, we remind of ourselves to those who know us and are already loyal to us, but for some reason have not visited for a long time. Messages are sent via SMS and Push messages.


In addition, there are other filters with which you can set up reminders at the right time. This is especially true for the sale of consumables, pharmacies, children's stores. There is an opportunity to get feedback and get closer to your customers.

1.21.422 Oct, 2020
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InterSystems IRIS
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22 Oct, 2020