BridgeWorks VDM

Version history

What's new in this version

Fixed an issue where %appdata% reserved words were being interpreted as literal in settings

Fixed verbage on some connection wizard pages

Fixed an issue where RevQ SaaS dynamic parameters would not return correctly in the Auto Scheduler

Added an error message on SQL errors returned by a RevQ SaaS connection

Fixed an issue when saving a view with no connection the save would fail

Fixed an issue when rebuilding a VoV, that has a view with Embedded Expressions disabled, the builder would fail and prompt for every VoV after

Fixed an issue when saving a VoV without a connection the save would fail

BridgeWorks VDM is an ad hoc reporting and graphical SQL query application.

Designed for any user who needs access to their SQL projections in InterSystems Caché, InterSystems DeepSee, InterSystems IRIS, InterSystems IRIS for Health and InterSystems IRIS BI databases. VDM features a drag and a drop query builder, interactive data grids, charting, gauges, data visualizations, banded report writer, report scheduling and batching, as well as web reporting capabilities.

VDM leverages the Managed Provider for .Net to communicate with InterSystems databases, and no ODBC drivers are needed to access the SQL projections for InterSystems Caché, InterSystems IRIS and InterSystems IRIS for Health. VDM accesses DeepSee.RESTClient.cls for building MDX queries and communication with InterSystems DeepSee and InterSystems IRIS BI.


While VDM is not a SQL syntax editor, the graphical query builder can be bypassed and SQL scripts can be pasted directly into the Advanced Query form for execution against your InterSystems database.

The InterSystems DeepSee and InterSystems IRIS BI features are currently EAP.

Community feedback on our project is appreciated.