InterSystems IRIS AI

Topic and Rules

In this programming contest, we will accept applications that meet the AI/ML requirement.
Your application could be a library, package, tool, or any AI/ML solution which uses any of InterSystems IRIS distributions.

The application should work either on InterSystems IRIS Community Edition, or on InterSystems IRIS for Health Community Edition or on InterSystems IRIS Advanced Analitycs Community Edition.

The application should be Open Source and published on GitHub.

Technology bonuses

If the application satisfies some additional requirements listed below it gets additional technology votes, one per each requirement.

Here are the technology bonuses for this contest:

  • Docker support – your solution could be launched as a docker container and use any InterSystems IRIS docker image.

Sample applications

Here are the application templates, which meet the requirements and demonstrates the work of:

Don't forget to highlight in README of your application how it should be used.

How to Apply

Log in to Open Exchange, open your application page, make sure that it meets the requirements, and click the "Apply for Contest" button. Your application will be sent for approval and once approved will appear on the Contest page eventually.

Prizes and Nomination

Experts Nomination

  • 1st place - $2,000
  • 2nd place - $1,000
  • 3rd place - $500

Community Nomination

  • 1st place - $1,000
  • 2nd place - $500

Terms and Conditions, Rules and Judgment Criteria

By participating in the Contest you agree with the following Terms and Conditions.

Read and discuss the rules, nominations, and judgment criteria.

Join the Discord channel to chat about requirements, technology, voting, etc.

NominationsRegistered applications (4)

Example on extending %Monitor.Adaptor to monitor IRIS IntegrateML models performance metrics.

Author: José Roberto Pereira

Experts 18Community 9


A suite to use IRIS as Machine Learning Environment. Helping the development community to classify the posts with tags.

Author: Renato Banzai

Experts 12Community 11


Application demonstrates using Python and InterSystems IRIS to resolve linear regression in task of checking similarity of two text strings

Author: Aleksandr Kalinin

Experts 8Community 5


SAPPHIRE is an web application to create and train your InterSystems IntegratedML models. You can load CSV data too. It is business user friendly.


Experts 3Community 9