InterSystems Interoperability Contest: Building Sustainable Solutions

Topic and Rules

Develop any interoperability solution or a solution that helps to develop or/and maintain interoperability solutions using InterSystems IRIS or InterSystems IRIS for Health.

In addition, we invite developers to try their hand at solving one of the global issues. This time it will be a Sustainable Development Problem.

We encourage you to join this competition and build solutions aimed at solving sustainability issues:

  1. You will receive a special bonus if your application can solve sustainability issues, ESG, alternative energy sources, optimum utilization, etc.
  2. There will also be another bonus if you prepare and submit a dataset related to sustainability, ESG, alternative energy sources, or optimum utilization.

General Requirements:

👉 Full details on topic and requirements can be found in this post.

Technology bonuses

If the application satisfies additional requirements listed here, it gets additional technology votes!

Who can participate

Any Developer Community member, except for InterSystems employees (ISC contractors allowed). Create an account!

Developers can team up to create a collaborative application. Allowed from 2 to 5 developers in one team. Don't forget to highlight your team members in the README of your application – DC user profiles.

How to apply

Log in to Open Exchange, open your application page, make sure that it meets the requirements, and click the "Apply for Contest" button. Your application will be sent for approval and once approved will appear on the Contest page eventually.

Prizes and nominations

Experts Nomination

  • 1st place - $5,000
  • 2nd place - $3,000
  • 3rd place - $1,500
  • 4th place - $750
  • 5th place - $500
  • 6-10th places - $100

Community Nomination

  • 1st place - $1,000
  • 2nd place - $750
  • 3rd place - $500

Terms and conditions, rules, and judgment criteria

By participating in the contest you agree with the following Terms and Conditions.

Visit contest page to read and discuss the rules, nominations & judgment criteria.

Join InterSystems Discord to chat about requirements, technology, voting, etc.

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