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This application is not supported by InterSystems Corporation. Please be notified that you use it at your own risk.
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HL7 messages generator

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Initial Release


HL7 Message Generator v.1.0

The main goal of this project is to generate HL7 messages based on patients and clinicians generated from seeds.

How to run this project?

This project is developed on NodeJS, so to run it you only need to install Node.js and npm. Once installed you have to execute:

$ cd tool-patient-generator
$ npm install
$ node .\app.js

The application will run on your localhost, port 5000: http://localhost:5000

What do you need to generate messages?

Patients generation

The first step is to generate patients from the seed file (files/seed/personSeed.csv), you can modify it to adapt the names as you wish. You can create so many patients as you need. From the download option you can get the generated csv.
Patients menu

Clinicians generation

The second steps is to generate clinicians for you messages. This option will generate another csv file with the total of clinicians that you define, the file create is accesible from download option also.
Clinicians menu

Messages generation

Now you are ready to generate all the messages that you want. You have to define the following options:

  • Total of messages: total of messages to generate.
  • Messages Type: type of HL7 message (ADT^A28, ADT^A08, ORU^R01 and SIU^S12).
  • Assigning Authority: the assigning authority responsible of the MRN generation.
  • ID Type Identifier: the type of the identifier used for the patient’s info (Social Security Number, National ID, Suscriber number).
  • ID Assigning Facility: the assigning facility who emit the ID identifier.
  • MRN: the MRN generated by the Assigning Authority (you can assign a different MRN for each Assigning Authority).
    Messages menu

The messages generated are accessible from the Download messages option

How to customize the messages?

You can modify any seed file in the project to make it fits to your requirements, this version is based on examples for Spain. Feel free to customize it.
For ADT^A28 messages you can modify the segments used changing the name of the A28 template, you can create A28 messages with no AL1, with no DG1, with no AL1 and DG1 or with both. You only have to rename the file A28_WHATEVER.template to A28.template.

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1.0.004 Mar, 2024
Works with
InterSystems IRIS for Health
First published
04 Mar, 2024