Daniel Aguilar21 March 2023
Great extension

Great extension I started working with vsCode and docker and it's very intuitive. I like shortcuts for debugging methods

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Stanley Batista25 January 2023
Excellent Extension

Great extension that allows you to develop the ObjectScript language with VS Code, very practical and easy to use.

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Jackson Linzmaier25 January 2023

Is a great tool, easy e pratic to use.
I recommend it to everyone who needs it.

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Thomas Mazur18 August 2022
very good

Very good and useful extension, almost a must have app for developing in vs code, thank you to the developers for a very good job

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Yaron Munz05 August 2022
Great plugin to VS-Code

As a Cache & IRIS developer, I used Intersystems studio for many years. moving to VS-Code was a bit difficult to get used to. After few weeks I fell in love with it, so easy, fast and has some exiting features (GIT, SQL, Python and other languages).
Having the VSCode-ObjectScript makes the COS development very easy & enjoyable. Highly recommended to each Intersystems developer (!)

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Sergey Sarkisyan06 July 2022
Must have for any ObjectScript developer

Great extension which allows you to do ObjectScript development on any platform in VS Code, using all the power of VS Code and it's extensions, familiar shortcuts, commands, integrations and tools. I think it's must have.

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Travis Baker25 June 2022
How did I not know this before?

For years my organization trained and required exclusive use of Cache Studio (which is great on it's own). But after transitioning to VS Code when starting our Angular project we found this VS Code-ObjectScript extension to be a no-brainer. It makes cross-platform development more organized, consistent, and easy with it's many features.

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David Han10 June 2022
Very convenient tool!

As someone who has used this for 2 weeks, this tool is very convenient for managing projects using ObjectScript. Currently, I have had no problems and would highly recommend this to others.

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Louis Kabelka08 June 2022
Great despite some design flaws

I'm usually not a big fan of IDEs, but VS code makes managing projects a breeze. Awesome integration of ObjectScript. Native support for typing keystrokes (available through an Emacs extension) would elevate it even more.

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Freddy Baier23 May 2022

Is easy for use and is a beautiful tool, better of studio.

All tools i need have in the integration.

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Gabriel Santos12 May 2022
Excellent Tool

It's very good to use, i've been using it for some time and help a lot on coding.

Just need a class constructor.

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Callum Mellows21 April 2022
Great extension.

Great integration with VSCode. makes working with interSystems even easier. would highly recommend to others working with interSystems software.

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Joan Pérez28 March 2022
Good works

I have used this application much more than Studio. I recommend people to try it to see that it can also be developed outside of Studio.

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Tewfik Getu18 March 2022

I like it more than the the standard Studio, nice work for the usefull extentions.

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12 December 2021
Very helpful during the development process

I am using this extension from quite a long time and I find it very helpful during the development process.

  • InterSystems ObjectScript code highlighting support is excellent
  • Debugging feature is great
  • Intellisense support for commands, system functions, and class members is very useful
  • Export of existing server sources into a working folder is great
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Francisco López29 April 2021
indispensable for any developer

As a software developer, I use Visual Code for much of my work.
Integrating ObjectScript developments using the same editor has been the best plugin I have been able to install.
Having all the help directly when moving over the word, having intellisense in my own classes ... compilation, version control using Git ... has been a great success.
I only miss the WebServices client creation wizard that Atellier has, maybe in other release o by other pluging.
As said "The mandalorian", THIS IS THE WAY

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