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Spreadsheets based on globals

This application is not supported by InterSystems Corporation. Please be notified that you use it at your own risk.
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Invisible spreadsheets inside Cache / IRIS on globals

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Invisible spreadsheets inside Cache / IRIS InterSystems on globals. There are workbooks, worksheets, columns, rows, cells with formulas. But formulas in the cells are unusual - they are actually M-commands. The interface with users is not directly, but through any “traditional excel” (or through web-browser - is still under development).
Any cell has address: ^workbookNamel(userName,sheetName,row,column).

The possibilities of the glob-worksheets are orders of magnitude higher. Globals spin faster than traditional sheets. All Cache / IRIS resources are available to m-commands (m-formulas)  in glob-cells. You can build complex multidimensional data structures and quickly receive analytical reports with a large number of graphic elements. You can create a complex interactive game by only m-formulas (m-commands) in cells.
There is no need to keep a huge archive of workbooks with data from different periods of time. All data is stored in globals of the M-database.

There are important advantages of m-formulas over traditional formulas:

  • in any cell, the m-command can set the m-trigger to the SELECT or CHANGE or RightClick event
  • in any cell, the m-command can set the appearance (under certain conditions) of the desired graphical interface element with the specified properties
  • m-command can initiate a query to the database and give the user the result in a convenient form.

No programming other than m-formulas in cells is required.
It can also be used as an interface for IRIS / CACHE.
You can test on the example of the game ( SUDOKU, sea-battle .. )
If you have Microsoft Excel, download and unzip file
to any folder and run MX-1_TEST.XLSB. Your excel will connect to the remote server CACHE.

To work with your local IRIS / CACHE, more detailed on

1.0.031 Mar, 2022
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31 Mar, 2022