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This is the README file for SAMPLES-AVIATION. The end of the file has setup instructions.

Use or operation of this code is subject to acceptance of the license available in the code repository for this code.

SAMPLES-AVIATION provides sample data for use in exploring InterSystems IRIS Text Analytics capabilities. In order to use this sample, you must have an InterSystems IRIS license that includes these capabilities.

After setup, the data is available for use in various ways:

Repo items related to the data

  • The Aviation.Aircraft, Aviation.Crew, and Aviation.Event classes are persistent classes/tables that collectively represent a selected subset of aviation incidents reported to the U.S. National Transportation Safety Board. The dataset provided in this sample demo is only a small subset of the full NTSB dataset, which is available from []. This data is supplied here for demonstration purposes only and neither intended nor warranted to be accurate. (Courtesy: National Transportation Safety Board)

  • Upon setup (see end), data is loaded from the gbl/Aviation.xml file into these classes.

  • The Aviation.Utils class is a helper classes used by the repo setup routine (see end).

Repo items for use with InterSystems IRIS Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Repo items for use with Text Analytics options in InterSystems IRIS Business Intelligence (BI)

  • The Aviation.Cubes package contains BI cube definitions that use Text Analytics features and that use the data in this repo. See Using Text Analytics in Cubes for details.
  • Aviation.KPI.TopConcepts contains a BI KPI that uses a Text Analytics query.
  • Aviation.KPI.Actions defines a KPI action (which is used on a dashboard also in this sample).
  • Aviation.DashboardsEtc defines Business Intelligence pivot tables and dashboards that display the data in this repo and that provide you the ability of performing simple analyses of that data.

Setup instructions

Install with ZPM

  1. Install ZPM Get the release of the ZPM client from ZPM server:

It is ObjectScript package in XML, so it could be installed by importing into classes via Management Portal, or by terminal:

USER>Do $System.OBJ.Load("/yourpath/zpm.xml","ck")

Learn more 2. install module. You need Internet available:

zpm:USER>install samples-aviation

Usual setup

  1. Clone or download the repository.

    • On Windows, you can use the Download button or you can automatically download the archive file. Once downloaded, open and save the contents of the archive file.

    • On UNIX or Linux, create a directory called "samples", and then enter the following from the shell:

   wget -qO- | tar xvz -C samples  
  1. In the InterSystems IRIS Management Portal, create a namespace called SAMPLES. You will load the sample data into this namespace. If you need help creating the namespace, see Creating a Namespace and Database to Hold Samples.
  2. To enable the SAMPLES web application for use with InterSystems IRIS Analytics:
    • a. In the Management Portal, click System Administration > Security > Applications > Web Applications.
    • b. Click the /csp/samples link in the leftmost column. This assumes that the namespace you created is called SAMPLES.
    • c. In the Enable section, select Analytics.
    • d. Click Save.
  3. Open the InterSystems IRIS Terminal. If you used the default SYSTEM account when installing InterSystems IRIS, the username is _system.
  4. Enter the following command, where SAMPLES is the namespace where the sample will be loaded:
  1. Enter the following command, replacing install-dir with the location where you downloaded the repo:
   do $system.OBJ.Load("install-dir\buildsample\Build.AviationSample.cls","ck")
  1. Enter the following command:
   do ##class(Build.AviationSample).Build()
  1. When prompted, enter the full path of the directory that contains the and LICENSE files of the repo you downloaded. The method then loads and compiles the code and performs other needed setup steps.
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zpm "install samples-aviation"
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