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Online User Reports - automatically analyzes data - generates automated reports - provides interface for ad hoc reports - conducts statistical research. Connect to your database and see reports made for you by Online User Reports at OUReports.com

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Latest version see at http://OUReports.com

Our Online User Reporting system will enable end users to create their own customized reports, transparently, based on data in existing databases hosted by client organizations. It makes the creation of reports a fast and simple task that can be done by technical personnel after minimal training. It can serve any kind of organization and business with data in a SQL (or non-SQL) databases.
It could be used in wide range of organizations, such as medical hospitals, county and government offices, industrial headquarters, etc… Any organization with a database can use it for getting fast highly informational and statistical reports.
Our system utilizes the restricted access to customer’s database with only reading permissions. We never install anything or write data in customer’s database.
TECHNOLOGY Our innovation lies in the transparent and modular generation of reports from arbitrary source data. Specifically, we have created:

  1. An original design of a structure of OUR special tables and classes (in MySql, or SQL Server, or Intersystems Cache databases) to keep all needed information of data query design, report design, data and report format, and statistical data calculations, 2. A data module to access and process the data from a database as needed for the report. 3. A report generation module to access report design information stored in tables/classes in database and process of RDL or Crystal report with possibility of exporting it into Excel, Word, or PDF. 4. A web interface for simple user access and creation of reports including the automatic data mining and design of SSRS (RDL) reports or importing of existing RDL and possible Crystal Reports definitions from legacy tools. The creation of report is divided on simple tasks served by separate web pages simplifying the process for the end user. 5. A simple interface that utilized data-mined information to abstract the inherent complexity of report design, enabling minimally trained stuff to make meaningful reports. 6. A module allowing administrators to define users with granular levels of access to various data (i.e. full versus anonymized versus aggregated), allowing careful access control tracking from the data model throw the report generation to carefully comply with data control policies and regulations.
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