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Kano MDM - is an efficient Master Data Management software product with a complete set of features for successful implementation of complex MDM projects.

Firstly, Kano MDM is a multi-domain system. It means that you can set up and work with Master Data in various domains, including setting up relationships between parts of various domains.

Secondly, Kano MDM  provides flexible UI constructor that allows you to build a visual representation of your data, but you can use automatically generated views. All of your data and metadata can be localized into several languages. We support not only multi-language UI but also multi-language data

We support Initial loading, synchronization and integration components that provide bi-directional data exchange with internal and external applications and data sources. Master Data source system can be either Kano MDM or any external system. Kano MDM supports publishing and different types of subscribe flows such as subscription by catalog, key, record.

We can leverage AI/ML technologies such as Python to automatically detect duplicates in existing and new data. Our predictive models are finetuned to each individual customer to provide the best exact results in data matching and associated data cleansing tasks

We can define a wide range of approval processes, that can be parallel or sequential. We support Data and Meta Data changes approval processes and for all changes we apply “one request – one change” rule. It means that each change goes through an approval process.

Intelligent security is implemented to provide different views for different roles. You can finetune user`s access to domains, catalogs and individual records. Everything that user does is stored in data and metadata change log. Additionally we support data versioning to ensure none of your data is lost or damaged.

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