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by Ludmila Valerko on behalf of DataInfo
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Kano MDM - is an efficient Master Data Management software product with a complete set of features for successful implementation of complex MDM projects.

What's new in this version

The following modifications and additions have been implemented in the Kano MDM modules:

  • Additional information about the method of entity editing has been added to the change log.
  • All data quality-related information is now consolidated into a separate tab for each record, facilitating easy access and data management
  • Access to the "golden record" information for duplicate records has been provided, enhancing duplicate management and data integrity.

In the area of new functionality development, the following innovations should be noted:

  1. Image Processing:
  • The capability to display image thumbnails in grids and cards has been introduced.
  • The functionality to display files via a link has been added.
  1. Data Import:
  • A feature has been introduced allowing users to select their interaction with data quality during import, enabling them to define a data processing strategy upon upload.
  • The ability to upload large files directly from the server via a specified path has been developed, significantly expanding the potential for working with voluminous data.
  1. Work with the constructor:
  • Implemented functionality to remove multiple fields and columns when customizing forms and tables, which greatly increases the flexibility and convenience of user interface configuration.

The implemented improvements and innovations are aimed at optimizing workflows and enhancing data processing quality, which, in turn, leads to improved system performance and end-user satisfaction.

Additionally, a significant technological achievement should be highlighted. Specific work methods have been developed, for integrating with the comprehensive solution InterSystems HealthShare for effective data exchange in the healthcare sector.

What is Kano MDM

Kano MDM is a modern Master Data Management software product, with an extensive set of features for a successful implementation of complex MDM projects. It enables a single view of entities such as customers, patients, providers, members, citizens, locations, etc to be shared and updated - ensuring accurate data is leveraged across all business processes.

The combination of Kano MDM benefits and powerful, reliable analytical tools, turns disparate data into a strategic resource of the enterprise.

Kano MDM supports 4 foundational implementation styles:

  • Registry
  • Consolidation
  • Coexistence
  • Centralized

  • The components of Kano MDM provide access to information from various sources, data profiling, verification and standardization of information, saturation from external sources, control over compliance with rules and monitoring data quality trends, and creating links.

    Kano MDM provides a flexible master data access management at the catalog, entity, attribute, and column level, enables historical records with all the necessary information, administration console for Data Stewards. On the organization level, Kano MDM enables and revitalizes data workflows and fully supports corporate Data Management projects.

    Why Kano MDM

    1. Integration
    Kano MDM can be integrated with any applications and data sources inside and outside of the organization.

    2. Performance
    Kano MDM is based on InterSystems Data Platforms that can handle big data and has proven performance, reliability, and scalability.

    3. Security
    Permissions for record access and modification are fully customizable up to and including Row-Level and Column-Level security. Kano MDM supports data versioning to ensure none of the data is lost or damaged.

    4. Flexibility
    Kano MDM combines the support of multiple master data domains, implementation styles with customizable and extensible workflows, and integration components.

    5. Implementation styles
    Kano MDM supports all classic implementation styles. Hybrid implementation styles are also possible to fulfill specific business needs.

    6. Cost-efficiency
    Being a unified platform for master data management, Kano MDM dramatically reduces implementation and maintenance costs.

    Kano MDM features

    Kano MDM is an efficient master data management solution with a complete set of features.

  • Domains:
  • Kano MDM works with Data in an unlimited number of various domains, with any amount of entities in each of them. Besides, there is an option to set up relationships between the parts of various domains. Depending on implementation style Kano MDM can be either the master system or retrieve data changes from external systems and propagate them downstream.

  • Web UI:
  • Kano MDM Web UI allows Data Stewards to create a Data Model of any complexity. Default visual representations of data are generated automatically and can be further modified to suit business needs without coding. Additionally, as soon as Domain is created related Data Entry functionality becomes available for users. Kano MDM supports not only multi-language UI but also multi-language data and metadata.

  • Integration:
  • “Ready to use” APIs provide bi-directional data exchange with any external applications and data sources via Web- and REST-services, xDBC, or any other integration adapter. Kano MDM supports different types of publish-subscribe flows: subscription by catalog, key, or record. Built-in API Gateway allows for flexible API Management simplifying services consumption management and other API related tasks.

  • Data Quality:
  • Kano MDM leverages Machine Learning algorithms for automatic duplicate detection in existing and new data. Implemented predictive models are fine-tuned for each individual customer to provide insights and automation for data matching and associated data cleansing tasks.

  • Data Stewardship:
  • All Data changes go through customizable approval processes. Each approval process is composed of multiple parallel or sequential stages. For all changes “one request – one change” rule is applied meaning that each change is controlled by the dedicated approval process. Kano MDM supports many utility features: task notifications, automatic actions, time constraints, etc.

  • Analytics:
  • Built-in OLAP functionality enables analytical dashboards creation based on Kano MDM domain data and usage data. Kano MDM provides a set of system dashboards: most used data, data quality, etc.

  • Security:
  • Intelligent security provides different views for different roles. Kano MDM allows finetuning user's access to domains, catalogs, individual records, and attributes.

  • Audit:
  • Kano MDM implements detailed audit: all actions with data and metadata are stored in MDM changelog. Additionally, Kano MDM provides data versioning to ensure none of the business data is lost or damaged. Integration monitoring allows data stewards to see the data flow from source systems into Kano MDM and into target systems.


    Kano MDM solution provides a set of features designed to consolidate, cleanse, govern, and share the data across the enterprise. Clean, consolidated, and accurate master data published and consumed rapidly and easily across the organization can save millions of dollars per year. Such master data is a key to chain and sales efficiencies, customer loyalty improvement, and reliable corporate governance.

    Whether you are looking to improve customer experience, re-design service delivery, support regulatory reporting, identify fraud and errors, streamline sales or deliver more targeted marketing, it is essential to ensure these processes are underpinned by accurate, complete, and available-on-time data.

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