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This application is not supported by InterSystems Corporation. Please be notified that you use it at your own risk.
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Smart Mining Starter Pack

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InterSystems IRIS Smart Mining Starter Pack

This repository contains the code base and associated information and materials for the InterSystems IRIS Smart Mining Starter Pack. This starter pack allows mining operators to integrate, monitor, and analyze signals and data from mining equipment and software applications. For more information, please refer to the solution sheet.

NOTE: ⚠️ This application is licensed as open source under the MIT License and is not supported by InterSystems Corporation. Use it at your own risk.

Option 1: Build and run development version

Download Docker base image from this link:


Install with:

docker load -i starterpack-base-irisint.tar

Clone Repo and run

git clone git@github.com:intersystems/asp-mining.git
cd asp-mining
./run.sh [-d,all]

Option 2: Download and run a prebuilt docker image

Download a ready to go image with 1 month of anonymized data on it from this link:


You will need at least 50GB of storage available for the uncompressed docker to run properly.

# To load the image run:
gunzip aspmining_1.0.0-data.tar.gz
docker load -i aspmining_1.0.0-data.tar
docker run intersystemsdc/mining:1.0.0-data

Setting up mining dataset in SQL Server

Clone a Linux Local DB

Run a Docker SQL Server 2019, using the provided MiningDBsV2.tar file and follow the instructions inside the README file. Download it from here:


Testing the Production

The development production is disabled by default to reduce the time spent when relaunching the docker image, and better controlling the excecution of the Business Services in the Package when doing changes in the code.

1. Open the Default Production and enable one of the service.

2. Run the production for at least 5 minutes to import a couple days worth of data.

Building Cubes

The following Cubes are always updated every 1 minute.

Check the FrontEnd app

Follow the instructions in here

Creating a Snapshot of the running image

To create a snapshot of the ASP-Mining, with custom data and settings. You can perform the following steps:

docker stop aspmining
docker save aspmining > mysnapshot.tar

#Then you can load this file in a different machine like:
docker load -i mysnapshot.tar

Want to Use IAM?

Follow the instructions in here

Where is the Management Portal and what are my credentials?

Here is the list of end points:

Where is the Quick ML instructions?

  1. Enable the production
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