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The unified full-functional Hospital Information System qMS (HIS qMS) provides complete automation of technological processes in a modern medical organization of any size and profile. Among our implementations are regional HIS, large federal centers, university hospitals, private medical centers and laboratory chains.

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SP.ARM has developed and implemented information technology in the medical field all over Russia since 1988. The impetus to the creation of a hospital information system was the absence of universal solutions on the Russian market that covered the needs of medical organizations. In 1991 SP.ARM became a partner of InterSystems Corporation, the leading international supplier of technological platforms for healthcare field. Until 2006 we worked together, implementing MedTrack and LabTrack systems, then in 2006 SP.ARM presented our self-engineered product HIS qMS – a full-featured medical information system that makes it possible to solve any problems in the field of healthcare.
Now our company employs more than a hundred first-class IT-specialists, doctors, and analysts. Our projects include more than 200 medical organizations: from Kaliningrad to Kamchatka, from Salekhard to the Republic of Kazakhstan. The system is universal: it can be adjusted to the size and profile of any medical organization. Among our implementations are large federal centers, university hospitals, private medical centers, laboratory chains – qMS takes into account any particular medical institution.
From the very beginning, we have designed the platform in the way, so that it could be used across the whole region. Our regional HIS creates a single information space for all regional medical organizations. It provides full support for all tasks associated with the preparation and delivery of all types of medical services as well as treatment process implementation into every medical organization in particular and in the region as a whole. Now we have three regional projects – Krasnoyarsk Krai, with 130 medical organizations and 11 000 doctors working in our system on a single database; Kamchatka, with 49 facilities and 5 000 doctors, and Ryazan Region with 56 facilities and 10 000 doctors.

The system meets the requirements of both Russian legislation and European standards. In 2017, one of our clients, The Federal State Institute of Public Health ‘The Nikiforov Russian Center of Emergency and Radiation Medicine’ (NRCERM), began cooperation with HIMMS Europe (Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society). In December 2017 NRCERM achieved EMRAM Stage 6 and confirmed a high level of informatization of the working process. This was the first medical facility in Russia to receive a certificate of compliance with European standards of informatization.
In September 2018 SP.ARM company became HIMSS Analytics Certified Consultant in Russia, Kazakhstan, Czech Republic and Finland and now we are entitled to analyze the working processes of the medical organizations and then – to advise and assist them in removing gaps which are stopping them from achieving EMRAM of the highest Stages – 6th and 7th.

qMS was initially engineered to be multi-lingual and multi-country software product. Current usage geography includes Russia, Kazakhstan, Czech Republic and Finland.
Addition of the new language (for example, Estonian), including translation of the interfaces, adding support of the local clinical information and country standards takes up to 12 months. Localization instrument in qMS allows our customers to work on the same database in different languages at the same time. According to the chosen language all elements of qMS interface, all medical protocols and structured data are translated. It makes the system popular for clinics with multilingual staff.
From 2017 SP.ARM started cooperation with one of the largest hardware providers in Czech Republic – C System company. During 2018 qMS localization work was done, localization instrument in the system was expanded and improved. Now we have pilot projects in Prague Technical University and University Hospital Brno.
In 2020 on the February 2nd SP.ARM together with Finnish companies Citrus Solutions Oy and Abilita Oy has founded a joint company called QMS Nordic. Its aim is to localize and implement hospital information system qMS and to provide IT and HIMSS consultations to medical facilities in the Nordic countries.

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