InterSystems programming contests

Create open source application on a given topic and
compete for a cash prize.

More than $11,000 in prize fund

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Why InterSystems contests?

This is a great chance to prove your coding skills in InterSystems technology, and win great prizes.

Prize fund of the latest contest*:

Experts Nomination

1st place - $5,000
2nd place - $3,000
3rd place - $1,500
4th place - $750
5th place - $500
6-10th places - $100

Community Nomination

1st place - $1,000
2nd place - $750
3rd place - $500
4th place - $300
5th place - $200

*Prize fund for each contest may vary

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How to participate

1. Log in to Open Exchange or create an account
2. Submit your open source app
3. Apply with your app for the contest page

The application should:

be aligned with the contest topic
be new to Open Exchange or existing one but with a significant improvement
work either on InterSystems IRIS Community Edition or InterSystems IRIS for Health Community Edition or InterSystems IRIS Advanced Analytics Community Edition
be Open Source and published on GitHub

The README file to the application should be in English, contain the installation steps, and contain either the video demo and/or a description of how the application works.

Previous contests

InterSystems Grand Prix 2023

June 12 - July 09
June 12 - July 09

InterSystems Java Contest 2023

November 13 - December 03
November 13 - December 03

InterSystems Vector Search, GenAI and ML Contest

April 22 - May 19
April 22 - May 19

InterSystems Python Contest 2023

September 04 - September 24
September 04 - September 24

InterSystems FHIR and Digital Health Interoperability Contest

January 15 - February 04
January 15 - February 04

Some winners of previous contests


Author: Dmitry Maslennikov

Place: 2

InterSystems Globals Contest
OCR Service


Place: 1

InterSystems Interoperability
Intersystems IRIS platform queue trend monitoring component

Author: yubo mao

Place: 2

InterSystems Developer Tools Contest

Author: Henry Hamon Pereira

Place: 1

InterSystems Security Contest

Author: Dmitry Maslennikov

Place: 3

InterSystems Datasets Contest

Author: Sergey Mikhailenko

Place: 2

InterSystems Python Contest

Author: Muhammad Waseem

Place: 3

InterSystems Python Contest
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